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A Simple and Friendly Way

Is our watch word. No fuss, no frown, no fret, we simply get on with the job. Life is complicated already and we would rather ease your stress, not add to it.

A No Fix No Fee Mindset

Is a principle we hold very dearly. Whosoever coined up that phrase must be thinking like us. Except for jobs where time is inherently a factor, our customers pay for results not activity.

A Root and Branch Approach

On all jobs no matter how small. Being thorough would always be our preference except the customer requests dictates otherwise. Time may be of essence but a comprehensive solution would always be paramount in our approach.

A Mint Condition maintenance

This is a ‘Tip Top’ maintenance that is unequivocal and second to none. It speaks of professionalism, excellence, quality and result. Restoring the equipment to its former glory and improving its performance to factory level and even beyond is a common occurrence at Rod’s Computing. We find in our experience the latter is not far fetched once your PC is in our hands.

A Reliable Professional Service

Guaranteed to last. Subject to the level of service chosen, we expect a satisfactory performance from any PC/Mac serviced by us for a minimum of 6 months. Majority of our customers service their equipment once every year and that is our minimum recommendation. Subject to our terms and conditions any PC/Mac that fails to meet our minimum standard would be fixed/serviced free of charge.

A Tailored Sales Approach

Is a personalised approach that is specific to the circumstance and need of the customer at that point in time. With over 10 years’ experience in this business, we can confidently say that one size does not fit all in computing. So rather than sell what we have to the customer, we would rather sell them what they need.

A Flexible Customer Service

One that caters for the individual need of the customer like a doctor prescribing the right cure. Whiles someone may be perfectly ok with a simple answer to their query, others may need just that little bit extra to improve the quality of our service. A bit of assistance in creating a document, opening a web page or login into their email can make a world of difference.

A Rapid Rescue Service

‘Rod’s Rapid Rescue’ is simply the ‘AA or RAC’ equivalent of the computing world. It’s a rapid response callout service with the aim to provide a quick onsite fix that would get the customer going again. We live in a society where people want instant results, especially in circumstances why time is a critical factor.

A Late Call Out Service

Here at Rod's Computing we understand that accidents can happen any time. Better than even the A&E, we are just a phone call away. Please see our Opening Times.

A Total Peace of Mind

It goes without saying that ‘Peace of Mind’ is invaluable in customer satisfaction. So effectively demonstrating to the customer that the problem is solved/the fault is fixed goes a long way in achieving this. But nothing beats a service where even the engineer/technician has complete ‘Peace of Mind’ about the job done.

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