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Virus attack is no longer a topic that only the tech guys and IT gurus talk about. It is now so common place, every computer user have a fair idea of its implications.


We repair all makes and models of desktops, laptops and tablets - both PCs & MACs. Whether it’s a broken screen or your computer just won’t start, or you can’t get past the famous blue screen of death (or grey screen if you are a MAC user). Just give us call and we are confident that your issue would soon be a thing of the past and you will also find our solution durable and our service satisfactory.

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The possibility of losing all of your life’s work in a flash is now a stark reality in the world of computing. DIY & delay can be dangerous. Give us a call. Let the experts do the job.


The idea that once you acquire a PC/Mac they just run and run, like your Hifi/DVD player at home is a common myth that computer users somehow believe. Most discover the hard way that this is not the case; just like your car, computers are great assets but they can leave you heartbroken if you don’t maintain them regularly. Here at Rod’s Computing we take pride in the very high standards yet afforable service we offer to all. Standards which are second to none in the industry.


The web is now the new shopping mall. Like your shop front you want to make sure your website is attractive and easy to find. Here at Rod's Computing, we can help you achieve just that.


It can sometimes be quite annoying when you know you have a decent broadband supply, yet you can't enjoy wireless connectivity everywhere in your premises. We can change that.


We offer a tailor made service on the sale and supply of computers, peripherals, parts and consumables to our clients. This service is unique because it is designed based entirely on the need, desire and complacency of the client. At the point of delivery, our aim is to leave the client in a reasonable/complete state of fulfilment and satisfaction. In other words, the only thing our client needs to do once our service is complete is use the equipment.


Plasma displays, Overhead projectors, PowerPoint displays, Worship Song projection, Sound Engineering, Video and CCTV installations, for Schools, Churches and Charities.


We offer our client’s a diverse range of services in the area of networking from running cables, setting up switches and patch bays to setting up infrastructures and secure systems. Whatever may be your need we can surely rise up to the task; be it as Wifi Hotspot, shared network storage or printing, Rod’s Computing is the right choice for you.


We offer Audio and Video editing and post Production services. Whether it is creating an advert for TV, or editing a movie or documentary; just give us a call, we would be glad to help.